Miscellaneous Coverage: Part 1

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Miscellaneous RV Insurance CoverageThere are so many different types of coverage when it comes to RV insurance. Some cost extra, but many are included as part of your policy. Here are a few that you may be interested in learning more about:

Low Branch Collision: This covers your RV in case of damage from hitting a low branch as your RV passes under it. This includes attached items such as awnings and air conditioning units.

Pet Injury Coverage: If you’re going away for an extended period of time, you’ll want to bring your pet along with you. If your pet is injured in an accident while in your RV, this coverage will pay some of the cost of vet bills.

Accessories Coverage: You’ve spent a fair chunk of change on accessorizing your RV, so make sure all of the bells and whistles are protected. These can include awnings, antennas, satellite dishes and solar panels.

Trailer Coverage: Sometimes you want to bring a few extra toys along for the ride with you. This coverage pays for physical damage to utility trailers towed by an insured RV.

Replacement Cost for Personal Effects Coverage: Not only do you need to bring a lot of stuff along with you on your trip, but your RV is furnished with plenty of valuable extras. This coverage pays for the loss or damage of the contents that are normally found in an RV, including clothing, cameras, DVD players, travel tickets and passports.

Vacation Liability: Similar to Bodily Injury and Property Damage, this liability covers you if you are legally responsible as a result of an accident that occurs while the RV is used as a temporary vacation residence.

Fire Department Service Charge Coverage: Usually included with Comprehensive and Collision coverage, this will pay up to a certain amount when the fire department is called to save or protect an insured RV.

Roadside Assistance: When your RV breaks down, Roadside Assistance will tow you to the nearest qualified repair facility and pays for necessary labor. Incidences that are covered with roadside assistance usually include mechanical or electrical breakdown, a dead battery, a flat tire, if you are out of fuel, oil, water or other fluids or you are locked out of your RV.

It’s great to find out that you and your RV are covered when the unexpected happens. Ask your RV insurance provider if you happen to be covered for any of the above – you may be pleasantly surprised!