Miscellaneous Coverage: Part 2

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Miscellaneous RV Insurance CoverageThere is nothing that feels as freeing and carefree as exploring the country in an RV. And you want to keep it that way… which is where RV insurance comes in. Before you start your relaxing holiday, it’s time to look over your existing RV insurance policy to ensure you’ve got everything you need covered. Things change and your current policy may not cover new conditions you think are important.

As we discussed in a previous RV insurance article, there are many extras that may or may not be covered with your existing package. Let’s go over a few more that you may not have known about:

Campsite Liability: This coverage is similar to Full-Timer coverage, but designed for short-term RV vacationers.

Suspend Collision Coverage When In Storage: Your RV might not be on the road all year long, so why would you want to continue paying for RV insurance? There may be certain portions of your policy that you can suspend, as they only apply to when your RV is moving on the road, such as collision coverage. This is a great way to save money when you are not using your RV.

Mexico Physical Damage Coverage: This is sometimes included with Comprehensive and Collision coverage. Mexico Physical Damage extends the Physical Damage portion of your RV insurance policy to cover losses occurring in Mexico. And if you are planning to travel down south, this is a handy coverage to have. As well, it covers the cost of towing from Mexico to the nearest qualified facility in the United States for repairs. Mexican Liability coverage must be purchased from a licensed Mexican insurance company for this coverage to apply.

Appliance Extended Warranty: This policy extends the manufacturer’s repair warranty for permanently attached appliances for a certain amount of time.

Golf Cart Coverage: Vacations are that much better when there’s golf involved. Bring along your cart, because with this coverage, it’s protected.

These are great coverages to look into, especially if you are looking to renew or change the RV insurance policy you already have. Depending on the insurance provider, these coverages may be already bundled with standard packages. And who knows – they may actually save you quite a bit of money, should anything happen to your RV or motorhome.