RV Insurance: What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

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RV Insurance Medical PaymentsThe call of the road is too irresistible to ignore and you want everything to go perfectly on your vacation. But as we all know, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Accidents can – and will – occur, and when they do, you want the peace of mind that comes with having the proper amount of RV insurance… and that may include Medical Payments coverage.

Medical Payments coverage pays the cost of necessary medical care you receive as a result of an RV accident. This coverage can be used no matter who is at fault. In most cases, Medical Payments coverage is limited to medical treatment received within a specific time period after an accident and is limited to a certain dollar amount. In some cases, this type of coverage only kicks in after other medical insurance is exhausted.

Still a little confused about how RV insurance and Medical Payments coverage protect you? Hey, we understand – after all, there are a lot of different coverages out there and they can start to blend together. Let’s use an example to make it easier to digest. While in your RV, the driver takes a corner too quickly and you fall, which results in a broken arm. Oh no – you don’t have health insurance. Oh good – you do have Medical Payments coverage. Since you have set a limit of $5,000, your treatment is covered.

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re far from home, so it’s best to be prepared before setting off on the journey. Having the proper RV insurance policy, which may include Medical Payments, could save you a lot of heartache (not to mention money) down the road. Be sure to talk to your RV insurance provider to ensure you’re covered, as policies differ, depending on where you live and what company you are dealing with.